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UNIWHITE® Infinity.0 Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

UNIWHITE® Infinity.0 Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

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The Number 1 Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit In The Middle East Since 2018! 

Guarantees You 8 Shades Whiter Teeth For More Than A Year!

The Kit Includes:

X1 Advanced Duplex Whitening Tray

X1 Advanced Led Light Whitening Enhancer

X1 Sterilized Protection Case

X5 3ml Advanced Teeth Whitening Tubes With 44% Active Whitner & A No Sensitivity Formula.

Esy To Use, Safe, And Effective.


How To Use: 

Step 1: Brush Your Teeth With Our Charcoal Minted Toothpaste And Rince Well With Water

Step 2: Attach The Led Light Whitening Enhancer To The Front Of The Duplex Whitening Tray

Step 3: Add 0.5ml From The Gel Tube To The Upper Part Of The Tray And 0.5ml As well On The Lower Part. Apply In A Straight Horizontal Line In The Middle Of Each Part That Touches Your Teeth Parallely.

Step 4: Turn On The Led Light By Pressing The Turn On Button And Insert In Mouth For 20 Minutes.

Step 5: Remove, Rince With Water. Repeat The Treatment Once Every 24 Hours.

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